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fruit and veg

We offer many ways to order your fresh produce.

REGISTERED customers of Fruit& can order using the following methods:

  • 24hour AnswerPhone: 0800 046 3010 Orders for same day delivery must be placed by 1am
    Please clearly state your customer account number slowly and clearly. Without this you may not receive your delivery .

  • Fax Order Form: 0800 046 3011 Orders for same day delivery must be placed by 1am Download a Fax order form below

  • E-Mail Orders: Please state your Customer Account Number in the e-mail subject field. E-mail orders must be received by 1am

  • Online: Log-in below with the username and password issued to you on Account approval.

  Not registred as a customer yet? Then make your application here or call us on 0808 141 2828

Fruit & Veg Blog

Consultant Chef Steve Walpole and popular food writer, Tom Moggach, share their recipes, love of food and an insider’s guide to the UK’s formidable Chef scene.