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fruit and veg
Wholesale Prepared Produce Supplier  

Wholesale Prepared Produce Supplier

Save time without compromising on quality with our wholesale prepared produce. We've been in the business for several generations and it's in our blood! It's our job to make your life easier, as a chef or wholesale buyer, with a wholesale prepared produce supplier service that's hard to beat. Friendly, efficient, reliable and, best of all, excellent value for money. Why settle for less when you can have the best...
Whether you like your carrots diced, sliced, peeled, grated, hand-cut, baton or shoestring, we'll save you hours of hard graft with one efficient delivery. The same goes for our entire range of prepared produce. We have superb peeled aubergines, button onions, shelled peas, turned swede, chopped spring onions, peeled pumpkin and parsnip... from familiar to exotic and back again, we deliver the lot!

We deliver superb quality products to restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, schools, universities, nightclubs, sports stadia and the general catering trade across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex and Middlesex.

We are always sourcing new stock for our clients, so if you can't see the exact product you're looking for here, just call us on 0808 141 2828. We'll be pleased to help.

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  >> Prepared Potatoes
  Potatoes Whole Peeled
  Potatoes Whole Peeled (ext-large)
  Potatoes Diced/sliced
  Potatoes Cut Roast
  Potatoes Cylinder (each)
  Pomme Nouvelle(mids)
  Pomme Parisienne
  Pomme Parmentier
  Pomme Chateau
  Pomme Chateau (baby)
  Pomme Chateau-maris Piper
  H/cut Chippies Choice Chips
  Pomme Cocotte
  Pomme Olivette
  Pomme Noisette
  Pomme Pont Nerf (frittes)
  >> Carrots
  Carrots Whole Peeled
  Carrots Diced/sliced/grated/vichy
  Carrots Baton
  Carrots Baton (handcut)
  Carrots Julienne
  Carrots Shoestring
  Carrots Turned 20 Gms
  Carrots Olivette 5gm
  Carrots Olivette 10 Gms
  >> Other
  Aubergines Peeled/sliced/diced
  Beetroot (raw) Baton/julienne
  Beetroot (raw) Shoestring
  Button Onions Peeled
  Butternut Squash Peeled/diced
  Broccoli Florettes
  Cauliflower Florettes
  Courgettes Sliced/diced
  Courgettes Baton
  Courgettes Baton (handcut)
  Courgettes Pariseinne/shoestring
  Courgettes Olivette
  Coleslaw Mix
  Celeriac Peeled/sliced/diced
  Celeriac Baton/julienne/shoestring
  Celery Diced/sliced
  Celery Baton
  Jerusalem Artichokes Peeled
  Peas Shelled
  Cabbage Green/white/ Shredded
  Cabbage Savoy/spring Green Shredded
  Cabbage Red Shredded
  Khol Rabi Peeled/diced/sliced/grated
  Pumpkin Peeled/diced
  Parsnips Peeled
  Parsnips Quatered/grated
  Parsnips Baton
  Parsnips Baton H/cut
  Parsnips Shoestring/pariseinne
  Parsnips Turned 30 Gms
  Parsnips Olivette 7-10 Gms
  Swede Peeled
  Swede Diced 10mm
  Swede Baton
  Swede Baton (handcut)
  Swede Julienne
  Swede Turned 25 Gm
  Swede Olivette 7-10 Gms
  Swede Shoestring
  Sweet Potatoes Peeled/sliced
  Sweet Potatoes Parisienne
  Spring Onions Chopped
  Shallots Round
  Shallots Banana
  Spinach Picked
  Stir-fry Mix
  Turnips Peeled/diced/sliced
  Turnips Baton
  Turnips Baton H/cut
  Turnips Julienne
  Turnips Turned 30 Gms
  Turnips Olivetti
  Turnips Shoestring
  Mouli Peeled/diced/sliced/grated
  Mouli Baton
  Mouli Baton (handcut)
  Mouli Shoestring/parisienne
  Mouli Turned 30gms
  Mouli Olivette 7-10 Gms
  Onions Whole/sliced/diced
  Onions Red Whole/diced/sliced
  Leek Whole Washed And Trimmed
  Leek Diced/sliced
  Leek Julienne
  Mix Veg/minestrone Mix
  Ratatouille Mix
  Mushrooms Sliced
  Ginger Peeled
  Peppers Mixed Diced/sliced/julienne
  >> Prepared Fruit
  Fruit Salad
  Exotic Fruit Salad
  Orange Segments
  Grapefruit Segments
  Pink Grapefruit Segments
  Florida Cocktail
  Lemon Segments
  Lime Segments
  Melon Balls
  Cantaloupe Melon Balls
  Water Melon Balls
  Mixed Melon Balls
  Pineapples Diced
  Paw Paw Diced
  Mangoes Diced
  Kiwi Diced
  Grapes White/red Halved
  >> Fresh Juices
  Fresh Juices
  Lemon Juice
  Lime Juice
  White Grapefruit Juice
  Orange Juice
  Carrot Juice
  Pineapple Juice
  Tomato Juice

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