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Want to buy wholesale peppers in bulk? Welcome to our world, where fresh catering supplies sit at the heart of everything we do. Nice to meet you.

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When bulk wholesale peppers are your aim, we deliver. And, as it turns out, everybody wants them. No wonder when peppers are such a glorious fruit, versatile and tasty. They're loved for their bold flavours, vivid colours and sometimes the intense heat they give off. They can be eaten on their own cooked or raw, used to make superb piquant sauces, and cooked to create complex dishes. 

In ancient times the hottest peppers of all were used to punish naughty Aztec children, who were 'held over the smoke from burning peppers' until they mended their wicked ways. These days people hold hot pepper eating contests, which look incredibly painful. Luckily while the hottest peppers of all are ridiculously hot, the less-hot ones are simply delicious.  

Stuff them, grill them, eat them raw, stir fry them, peppers are so versatile. They're perfect for cooking Mexican dishes. Roasted red peppers make an awesomely good pasta when blended with goat's cheese. And a spicy sausage,  green pepper and red onion bake is spectacularly good. What will you create with the extra-fresh peppers we deliver?  

Order your wholesale peppers from us and relax. Order as late as midnight for next day delivery, and spend your time creating amazing food rather than wondering where your deliveries have got to. With fresh wholesale peppers delivered to your doorstep by London's best peppers supplier, you know you're well looked after. 

We deliver across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex. As your top wholesale peppers supplier in London we can source unusual produce for you as well. If you can't see the type of pepper you want here, ask us. We're on 0800 304 7549.

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