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Frozen Bread Wholesale Supplier

Bread, lovely bread. It's wholesome and fragrant, satisfying and versatile. Think toast and a smile pops onto your face. We do wholesale frozen bread, delivered.

Superb wholesale frozen bread supplier for foodservice and general catering

You need a frozen bread wholesaler? Excellent. Let's talk. When time is short, the kitchen's busy and you need beautifully fresh breads on tap, our frozen varieties fit the bill perfectly. There they are, delivered to your place in no time, as fresh as a daisy and just waiting to be defrosted in all their tasty, comforting glory. From wholesale frozen burger buns to wholesale frozen baguettes, we have got you covered with our range of wholesale frozen bread.

It's hard to think of a meal that doesn't go brilliantly with bread. In restaurants bread fills the gap between ordering food and its arrival, a tasty snack served in chunks along with superb virgin olive oil. There are literally thousands of ways to make a sandwich, from posh open sandwiches to your basic chip buttie. Boiled goose eggs with malted wheat petit pain is quite simply extraordinarily good.

What will you create? Stash a supply of our glorious wholesale frozen breads in your freezer and it'll be there for you, convenient and fresh whenever you need it. And our wholesale food service goes farther than you might expect – if you want a wholesale frozen food item and can't see it on our site, we can use all of our expertise and nous to track it down for you, How's that?

Buy wholesale frozen bread in bulk from us and know for sure you've got exactly what you need, when you need it. As the best frozen bread wholesaler in the capital we deliver bulk wholesale frozen bread to restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, schools, universities, nightclubs, sports stadia and the general catering trade across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex.

As a primary wholesale frozen bread supplier in UK, our no-nonsense approach is loved far and wide. Can we help you delight your customers? Call us on 0800 304 7549.

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