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Tea Wholesale

The UK and a lovely cup of tea go together like strawberries and cream. Make awesome cuppas and keep your customers coming back!

Wholesale tea – Helping you serve the finest cuppas in the land

Your best tea supplier is ready and waiting for your order. If you've ever run out of the basics, you'll know how frustrating it can be. When you get your tea delivered to your doorstep by experts who've been doing this for a century, you know for sure all is well.  The very best cuppas are at your fingertips, plus service with a smile. 

We sometimes wonder, who was the first human being to decide it was a good idea to throw a handful of leaves from a bush into boiling water, leave it for a bit then drink it? What a clever person – whoever they were, we salute them! Thanks to their long-ago imagination and bravery we have a suite of glorious teas to offer you, everything from exotica like organic turmeric and lemon tea top the basics, the best in breed, delights like English Breakfast tea. 

Having said all that, we just looked up the origins of tea on Google, and it looks like tea was 'invented' by accident, in China around 2737 BC. The emperor Shen Nung was sitting under a tree while his servant boiled drinking water. When some leaves from a nearby Camellia sinensis bush blew into the water, tea was created. And the rest is history. Well, fancy that. 

Buy tea in bulk from us and love the sheer quality, the freshness, the crispness. As London's best tea wholesaler we deliver top quality bulk tea to restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, schools, universities, nightclubs, sports stadia and the general catering trade across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex.

If you're looking for a reliable tea supplier in London, try us. We don't just supply everything you want, we'll also find it for you if it isn't already here on site. Just give us a call on 0800 304 7549.

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