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Bread Wholesale

Humans have been making bread for at least fourteen and a half thousand years. No wonder we love it so much. Get great breads here!

Get Britain's favourite bread brands and much more, delivered

You want bread delivered? Very wise. It makes much more sense than constantly running out of bread, one of the world's great staple foods. It's our job to make your wholesale bread life a whole lot easier. How do we do that? We make it easy to order, easy to pay, and easy to keep your stocks at a sensible level. As a local London bread wholesaler with a long reach, how can we help you?

We have loads of beautiful branded breads to choose from, plus a wonderful range of fragrant, fresh and sweet brioche buns. A wide choice of superb baps and sandwich rolls, fresh paninis, dinner rolls, plus a collection of yummy morning goods: pastries, muffins, bagels. And we deliver everything you need to create a supreme afternoon tea.

Bread is one of those foods that delivers a lot more than just great flavour and texture. It makes us feel good, it comforts us, it nurtures us. Think hot toast slathered with salty butter, one of the simplest but biggest pleasures bread can provide. Imagine a stunning bread pudding packed with rich fruits. What will you create once you're fully supplied with all these fab breads?

Buy bread in bulk and relax. You've got the quality you wanted at the right price. As your best bread wholesaler we happily deliver the finest bulk bread to restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, schools, universities, nightclubs, sports stadia and the general catering trade across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex.

Best of all, as your chosen bread supplier in London, if there's something you're keen to get your hands on but can't find it here, we'll do everything we can to hunt it down for you. Call us on 0800 304 7549.

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