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Fresh Fruit & Veg

Fresh Fruit and Veg

Fresh fruit and veg at your fingertips

“You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is” (Will Rogers)

Let your fingers do the walking. Whether you’re fluent in email, telephone or fax you’ll find it fast and easy to register, order and pay for delicious fresh fruit and veg, delivered right to your doorstep. Healthy eating at the click of a mouse.


Love fresh fruit and veg

You don’t work with fruit and veg for almost a century without loving it. People like us know that the key to a good business is knowledge and expertise. But the key to a great business is passion. Which is why we provide the best, most delicious, delightful and varied fruits and vegetables. Our obsession translates into a service that’s hard to beat!  

We deliver daily throughout Berkshire, Sussex, Suffolk, Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Surrey. 

We tick all the official food safety boxes

Like every industry today, the fresh fruit and veg trade is strictly controlled as far as issues like health and safety, cleanliness and quality are concerned. We tick all the official boxes, working to HACCP food safety standards.

What’s that? Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP - is a complex system designed to maintain high food safety standards, using preventative methods to identify potential food safety hazards. So you don’t need to worry… our fresh fruit and veg doesn’t glow in the dark! It is clean and safe, and we know how to handle it properly.

We support UK growers of fresh fruit and veg    

When we started up in the business almost a hundred years ago, fresh fruit and veg was entirely seasonal. Today’s emphasis on responsible trading, reduced carbon footprints and minimum food miles has brought things in a full circle. We do our bit by dealing with local UK producers wherever humanly possible.


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