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Exotic salad wholesale supplier

You're searching for an experienced, reliable exotic salad wholesale supplier? You're here. Welcome to our world, a place simply stuffed with beautiful exotic produce.

Buy exotic salad in bulk, deliver sheer foodie pleasure to your clients

If the term bulk wholesale exotic salad gets you all excited, you're not alone. Once as dull as a dull thing, a floppy and unimaginative affair of lettuce, tomato and cucumber, the great British salad has take off into an entirely new direction in recent years. It's all thanks to a boom in exotic salad ingredients, complete with extraordinary flavours, exceptional good looks, and awesome health benefits. 

What, exactly, does 'exotic' mean in a salad context? It's remarkable. Did you know banana leaves provide a subtle mild, earthy, sweet flavour? Or that a crunchy super-fresh sprouts radish and alfalfa mix makes the basis of countless beautiful salad dishes? Sunflower sprouts are succulent, mild and crunchy. And wheat sprouts, particularly popular in Iranian cuisine, can even be used to brew a tasty beer. 

Maybe you're after lush, large globe artichokes, the wonderfully flavoursome flower bud of the plant. Or fantastic purple artichokes, smaller and more tender than the globe version. What will you create with all this deliciousness? An unusual salad dish packed with piquancy? A side salad so unusual people will be queuing outside your place to try it? 

Get wonderful, fresh wholesale exotic salad from us and enjoy great quality. With your exotic salad delivered by London's best wholesale exotic salad supplier, it makes such a difference. 

We deliver to the general catering trade across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex. As the top wholesale exotic salad supplier in London we often source new stock for clients. If you want it and can't see it here, give us a call. We will probably know where to find it! We're on 0800 304 7549, and we're always pleased to help.

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