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We supply businesses of all shapes and sizes including; restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, convenience stores, home businesses, juice bars, drinks companies, advertising agencies - if there’s food involved - we supply them!

We deliver to almost all postcodes within the M25. 

You will find our delivery map on our home page which indicates all of the postcodes we cover.

For customers with larger orders, we are sometimes able to deliver outside of the M25 or use 3rd party courier services. Please contact our team on 0808 141 2828 for more information.

We deliver Monday to Saturday.

Deliveries start as early as 4am and as late as 5pm.

During registration you will be asked to choose your preferred delivery slot and we will always do our best to deliver to you within the time frame requested, however they are not guaranteed.

If you have any special requirements regarding your delivery, such as special instructions, security access, key fob management etc we’d be happy to discuss these with you.

No, not really, although if it’s an emergency please call us and we’ll do our best to facilitate your needs.

Absolutely – we sell to chains and businesses with satellite offices for example.

Multiple orders can be made under the same account and delivered to multiple locations, or set up as separate accounts.

Give us a call if you have a complex set-up and want to discuss your options.


You can order online, by telephone and by e-mail.


If you require products for next day delivery, orders must be placed by midnight.

TELEPHONE – 0808 141 2828

Orders must be places up to 5pm Monday to Friday and midday Saturday.

ANSWERPHONE – 0808 046 3010

If you choose to use this method please clearly state your account name and postcode at the start of the message followed by clear products, with their corresponding weights and measures form our website or product list.  

You can order ad-hoc, everyday, or set up a standing order.

You can cancel orders at any time before delivery however any orders cancelled within 48 hours of delivery may incur charges as financial commitments may have been made with suppliers by this time that are unavoidable.

Orders must be cancelled by calling and confirming the cancellation with our team or by e-mailing us at . Please note we will only pick up cancellations via phone or e-mail during office hours 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday and up to midday Saturdays.

Please give us a call and we can walk you through the issue, or place your order over the phone.

Alternatively you can e-mail your order across to us.


We can recur your standing orders daily, weekly, monthly or on specific dates.

For changes to standing orders, we ask these be made at least 48 hours before your next delivery is due to arrive.

There are 2 main reason as to why we use ‘estimated pricing’ at time of order;


Some produce may not weigh exactly to the amount ordered.

An example scenario would be if a client were to specify ‘1kg’ of Broccoli on their order – the actual Broccoli weight, at time of packing, maybe 1.1kg or even 950g. We will therefore enter the correct weight at time of packing and the price will adjust accordingly.

We buy many of our products in a live market place in order to supply only the freshest produce available for delivery and prices can fluctuate daily. Some products pricing hardly ever changes, such as our Fine Foods and Ingredients range, and some more regularly, such as Fresh Produce.

The Estimated Price protects us and our customers from significant price changes that may happen ‘overnight’, from one day to the next including both increases and reductions in price.  This can sometimes be due to weather conditions, logistical issues and more.

When you place your order using an Estimated Price we will ring fence that order amount via your payment method and if the price of the products within your order reduce by time or packing, we will only take the amount of which they are reduced too, thus your final price will be less than the ‘Estimated Price’.

Conversely if product prices go up by time of packing, we will take the increased total amount via your payment method. As a policy this total will never be more than 10% of the original Estimated Price at time of check out.

We operate on flat mark-ups across our products and many hundreds of customers trust us to find them the best products at the best price on a daily basis.

Some products have a next day availability and some have up to 48 hours.

As we deliver all products within a single order together using our fleet of refrigerated vehicles, the first delivery date that you are offered during check out will be determined by the products which you have added to your shopping cart.

Thus by removing products with a longer lead time, such as 72 hours, you will be able to choose an earlier delivery date, such as ‘next day’.

We recommend placing orders as far in advance for products with longer lead times, or creating 2 separate orders if necessary.


Specially chopped chilli? No problem! 20mm diced cucumber? You got it!

We have access to many of the best food suppliers, importers and growers in the UK so there generally isn’t much we can’t source!

But if you can’t find a specific product that you’re looking for on our website, you can ask us to find it for you using the following methods:

1. Online - Log into your account and you will see an option at the bottom of all product category pages that allows you to send us a ‘Product Suggestion’ – complete your answer and submit it to out team. We will know it’s you and respond as soon as we have an answer for you.

2. Call us – we love to speak with our customers and if you’d like us to source a product for you please just drop us a line.

3. E-Mail – e-mail us your requirement

Being based in New Covent Garden market London gives us access to some of the most famous food producers in the world on a daily basis.

We have also carefully curated a list of suppliers that offer products of a very high quality.

If you have any new product suggestions for us, or know of suppliers that may benefit from being featured on our platform, do get in touch.

Any of our organic products are labelled as such.

We have access to bulk organic products from some of the leading UK growers and producers. If you are interested in sourcing organic product in bulk, please contact us.


Covid-19 has changed many businesses’ working practises and as a food supplier we have a great responsibility and as such have amplified the standard government guidance in to our daily processes.

Temperature checks, additional cleaning face masks, gloves and face masks are all part of our daily practises during the pandemic.

For our exact guidelines, please see our Covid-19 working practices policy here

We operate under HACCP food hygiene practises – find out more here

We sell nuts and products that contain nuts from our warehouse.

Whilst we store nuts separately within our warehouse and take due care and attention with these products, we ask any customer with allergen queries to contact us in order to seek advice, before placing an order.

Please see our individual product pages for Allergen and Nutritional information.

If you are unsure or have any question regarding allergens or nutrients, please contact us before placing an order. Whilst we do our upmost to ensure the details are correct you should always double check the pack on delivery.


We invoice clients weekly.

Invoices and statements are available online within the ‘My Account’ area of the website.

You can also pay for your invoices here too.

We can offer credit accounts to limited companies on request.

A credit check will be made in order to determine the amount of credit that can be offered to your business and on what payment terms.

We do not offer credit accounts to non-limited companies however we accept payment by credit card or PayPal.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and GoCardless.

We always suggest our clients use the GoCardless service we offer to settle payments on account – this is a direct debit solution that can save significant time when managing payments.

We can also log a credit card for our customers and debit the card at time of order.


You can use the forgotten password link on our website or contact us to organise a reset.

We delete customer data after 3 years since last order and keep all financial records for 7 years as per HMRC requirements.

If you wish to have this information deleted earlier, please contact us and we will be happy to organise this.

We take our customer service very seriously and will always look to resolve our customer complaints as quickly and as fairly as possible.

Please let us know as soon as you are aware of a problem so that we can take immediate action towards a resolution. 

Feedback both good and bad allows us to improve the service we provide.

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