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Tinned Fruit Wholesale

Stock up on tinned fruit and create magical desserts. Add sweetness to savoury masterpieces. Rely on the freshness and quality. Sounds good?

Fantastic produce from your best tinned fruit supplier

Tinned fruit versus fresh? They're both fabulously good for your health, and by all accounts the way fruits are tinned immediately after harvesting means they lose very few nutrients. The flavours are amazing and the sheer convenience of tinned goods makes them a popular staple in the foodservice sector.  If you'd like reliable supplies of wholesale tinned fruit delivered to your place, either a regular order or a one-off, walk this way. 

When you get your tinned fruit delivered by us you know for sure it'll be with you on time. You can opt for next-day delivery as long as you order by midnight the day before, except Sundays. And we have an exciting range to choose from. Tinned apricots and fruit cocktail, tangy grapefruit segments in juice or syrup, peach slices and pear halves, pineapple slices and pieces, plums and prunes. What will you make with yours? 

How about a beautiful fruity crumble cake? Or a rich, creamy cheesecake? Upside down fruit sponges and lovely fruit salads, melbas, shakes and smoothies, ice creams and sorbets, they're all on the cards. Create juicy tinned pears in a dark chocolate sauce, craft a superb fruity sponge pudding, or jazz up Yorkshire Puddings with fruit, just as good sweet as they are savoury.  Maybe a deceivingly simple fruit cake, rich and full of depth.  

Buy tinned fruit in bulk and experience everything the best tinned fruit wholesaler in town ha to offer. We deliver bulk tinned fruit to restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, schools, universities, nightclubs, sports stadia and the general catering trade across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex.

As your primary tinned fruit supplier in London we keep our eyes open for exciting new stock, and we'll gladly help you source hard-to-find and rare produce if you like – just ask. We're on 0800 304 7549.

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