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Jam, Marmalade and Honey Wholesale

Jams, anyone? How about some wonderfully sweet, tangy, top class squeezable blossom honey from the popular honey brand, Rowse? Just ask.

Tasty essentials for a beautiful breakfast

What did we do for sweetness before sugar cane and sugar beet? All over the world, people used honey to sweeten their food and drink. Way back in 2100 B.C. Honey was given a mention in ancient Sumerian and Babylonian writings, and in sacred Indian and Egyptian documents. In England it was originally called hunig, and English place names beginning with 'hu' or 'hun' often have their origins in honey. Take 'Huntshaw Wood' in north Devon, a good example. 

Whatever its origin, honey is naturally sweet and totally delicious. You might want to serve a delicate French breakfast of good, strong coffee, sweet brioche buns, salted butter and honey. In which case we'll make sure you have the honey supplies you need. We also supply jams and preserves in a variety of popular flavours including summery strawberry, rich raspberry, tangy blackcurrant and sweet apricot.  

When you buy your wholesale jam, marmalade and honey from us, London's best jam, marmalade and honey supplier, you can relax. As a family firm, we've been supplying the foodservice sector for more than a century, and we think of the capital's amazing New Covent Garden Market as our spiritual home. Because we know the place inside out, you get jams, marmalade and honey delivered quickly and efficiently, bang on time. 

Buy jam, marmalade and honey in bulk through us and you can always rely on the quality, the speed, the efficiency. As your best jam, marmalade and honey wholesaler we'll gladly deliver top quality bulk jam, marmalade and honey, coffee and sugar to your premises, including restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, schools, universities, nightclubs, sports stadia and more. In fact we cover every aspect of the general catering trade across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex.

As a primary jam, marmalade and honey supplier in London we're always looking for cool new stock for our clients. Maybe you want something you can't see here? Call us if so, on 0800 304 7549, and we'll hunt it down for you.

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