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Potatoes Wholesale Suppliers

Good old spuds. Potatoes are one of the nation's best-loved veg, and we just happen to be an awesomely good potatoes wholesaler. What a match.

Bulk wholesale potatoes - Extra-fresh from London's New Covent Garden Market

Can you imagine life without spuds? We can't. It's no surprise so many of our clients buy wholesale potatoes in bulk. It's a root vegetable that hails from the Americas, basically a starch-rich tuber from the Solanum tuberosum plant from the Solanaceae family. Wild potatoes, originating from modern Peru, are grown from the USA down to the wild tip of southern Chile. 

The potato was first domesticated in south Peru and north west Bolivia. We can track the date it happened back to somewhere between  8000 and 5000 BC, but many feel potato cultivation in South America goes back at least 10,000 years. We are clearer about the date the spud first arrived in Britain – the magic date was 28th July 1586, when Sir Thomas Harriot brought the first potato back from Virginia, USA. 

Wikipedia provides a long, long list of potato cultivars. There are 22 cultivars beginning with A, the tip of a huge spud iceberg. Thanks to our wholesale vegetable suppliers deliveries you can access the full range of potato varieties, all of those showcased at London's New Covent Garden Market, where they flood in from all over the world. Get your potato recipes at the ready and let's go for it! 

Order your wholesale potatoes from us and you'll know for sure they're wonderfully fresh and firm. Get your wholesale potatoes delivered direct to your doorstep by the city's best potato supplier. We deliver to every imaginable kind of catering organisation, from restaurants to hotels, cafes to hospitals, schools and more across London, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex.

As a popular wholesale potato supplier in London we are always happy to go find what you need. If you want it and can't see it here, just ask. Call us on 0800 304 7549 for a warm welcome and expert help.

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