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Beans and pods are so tasty and healthy. Sometimes the seed is extracted from the pod, like peas, other times it isn't, like mange tout. Yum!

Buy wholesale beans and pods in bulk – Beans, peas, mange tout and more

Beans and pods belong to the same seed family, Fabaceae, which also includes lentils. Mangetout are a type of pea whose pods are eaten as well as the peas inside. These days we call them all pods, and they are enormously popular. As a rule legumes are a great source of protein, plus and micronutrients like fibre,  iron, fatty acids, and folate.

There's something seriously special about a beautiful chilled, minty pea soup in summer. And pea fritters are absolutely gorgeous. In winter cuisine created with beans and peas is comforting and warming. Macho peas are made with olive oil, red chilli, fresh parsley and mint. How about Caribbean chicken with rice and peas? The opportunities are more or less endless.  

Beans offer just as much culinary excitement as well as extraordinary variety. No wonder, as your local beans and pods wholesale supplier, we sell so many of them. Think French beans, runner beans, cannellini or borlotti beans, mixed into a super-healthy salad with an oil dressing. And a spicy tuna bean salad is a thing of wonder. Get all sorts of cool bulk beans and pods with our wholesale vegetable supplier.  

Order your wholesale green beans and pods from us and enjoy the best possible quality, fresh from London's famous New Covent Garden Market. Get your wholesale green beans delivered by the city's best beans and pods wholesale supplier to your restaurant, hotel, cafe, hospital, school or any other general catering organisation right across London and into Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Middlesex.

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