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Fruit and Veg Hertfordshire

Superb fruit and veg supplier Hertfordshire

We used roller skates for making train noises over rails. I remember once trying to make the noise of Someone’s head being chopped off. I used a cabbage for that… it was very effective! (George Martin)

Your role is to purchase fresh fruit and veg. If you’re on the lookout for a top quality London-based fruit and veg supplier, Hertfordshire’s on our daily route. We’ve sold fruit and veg wholesale to the catering trade from central London for several generations. We’ve worked with natural foods for almost a hundred years. You could say that fruit and veg are in our blood; we don’t just deal in it, we love it. Healthy eating is our one weakness!  

We deliver daily throughout Berkshire, Sussex, Suffolk, Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Surrey. 


Delicious, nutritious, crisp, firm and fresh

What more can you ask for than fruit and veg that’s delicious, nutritious, crisp, firm and fresh? Quite a lot, actually;

  • Directness – super fresh from New Covent Garden Market

Imagine being able to order beautiful produce for fast, efficient delivery six days a week. Imagine ordering online, by ‘phone or fax – whichever suits you best – as late as midnight. And imagine being able to get expert answers to all your fruit and veg questions while you’re at it. You’re imagining us, the best fruit and veg supplier Essex has!

  • Convenience – 6 day daily delivery Monday to Saturday
  • Reliability – Extremely reliable and professional service
  • Responsibility – We support UK growers wherever possible
  • Safety – We always operate to HACCP food safety standards
  • Friendliness – A big, successful family business with a human face
  • Knowledge - Almost 100 years’ wholesale fruit and veg experience
  • Flexibility – Place your order late, right up until midnight online, by ‘phone or fax
  • Fair – We offer reasonable, common sense credit facilities

Wonderful fruit and veg wholesaler Hertfordshire

For total peace of mind, you can rest assured we’re solid. We’ve survived numerous recessions and two world wars. We’ll stick around no matter what the economy throws at us. Whether you’re a Chef, Catering Manager or Produce Purchaser we’ll make sure our deliveries help you deliver to your customers every time.


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